It's official: humanist weddings are finally moving towards being legally recognised in the UK. 
This is big news for couples who want a non-religious ceremony that is personalised and meaningful to them. 
Humanist weddings are already legally recognised in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and currently, the situation is discriminatory against couples residing in other parts of the UK who want a Humanist wedding, and at the moment are required to complete the legal aspects separately at a registry office. 
It’s high time for that to change and for England and Wales to be brought into line with the rest of the UK. 
Following a recently published law commission review on marriage, it’s clear that no logical argument remains to further prevent the government enacting the required law change - and they should do so with immediate effect. 
Humanists UK is campaigning for this change, and you can support their efforts by writing to your MP. I’ve written to mine, and with enough public pressure, together we can make this happen! 
Sadly, there's still no sign of the changes being enacted in law, however the government is expected to set out its position following the publication of the Law Commission Report on Marriage in the UK published in Summer 2022. We continue to live in hope! 
More information on how Humanists UK are campaigning for changes to the law to enable legal recognition of Humanist weddings, and how you can support this, can be found here: 
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