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Lots of couples ask for tips for writing their personal vows to say to each other during their wedding ceremony, so here are a few things to keep in mind! . 
Whether you choose to write your own vows or have someone else do it for you (like me, and I’m always happy to help!), these 5 top tips will help you make sure what you say is special and reflects how you feel.  
1. Think about what you want to say and what's important to you and your partner. 
This is the planning stage. Grab a coffee, a pen and a note pad and write it all down. Don't worry about self-censoring at this stage, just get going jotting down words and sentences as they come into your mind. You can always edit and delete anything not relevant or whatever else later on - the important first step is just to get the mind working and the words flowing!  
2. Keep it personal and real by using your own words and stories. 
Your vow writing style doesn't need to be professional and polished - it's more important that it's authentically 'you' and that it comes straight from the heart. What were the key moments in your relationship that cemented your love for each other, or were perhaps meaningful to you both? You've probably created many magical moments together so far. What were those key moments for you? When did you realise that your partner was everything to you in your world? What happened and why did it create that feeling. Mentioning one of these pivotal moments in your vows can be very touching and personal.  
3. Include something about why you are marrying your partner and what you love about them. 
Capture in a sentence or two what your partner means to you and why they make you happy. What are you promising them as you enter married life? And what are the things you ove and adore about them? It might be little things like the way they wrinkle their nose when they laugh! Or how kind and considerate they are.  
4. Make it memorable by writing something that will make you both smile and laugh. 
It could be something, after making your promises, that you can't promise to do...e.g. "but I can't ever promise to not say "it's only a game when your team lose"! 
5. And finally - KISS! (Keep It Short and Sweet!). . 
Rather than writing a long, formal piece that you’ll probably struggle to read with authenticity, think of your vows as a conversation. 
Use the present tense and imagine yourself directly speaking to your partner, with only you both in the room. 
Use specific language to convey how you feel about them and what makes you love them – there's plenty of room for sentiment so go ahead and speak from the heart! 
I hope these tips are useful, and don't forget that a great wedding celebrant can always help you to put these together! 
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